Aliyah & Absorption

Thousands of new immigrants, from the four corners of the world, have chosen to build their homes in Ariel and have been successfully integrated into the community. The residents of Ariel are well aware of the sensitivities involved in absorbing new olim. Similarly, the community appreciates the added value that olim bring to their new environment. The latest advance in Ariel’s absorption services is its program for integrating North American aliyah. The English-speaking community is invited to take advantage of what life in Ariel has to offer.   

The Community Aliyah and Absorption Project

 The city of Ariel is part of the Communal Aliyah and Absorption Project, known as –Better Together- Aliyah V’Klita Kehilatit.  This program is designed to provide the new immigrant with a supportive framework, professional guidance and financial assistance, in all aspects of immigration and absorption.  Benefits provided by the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, in conjunction with the Jewish Agency and the Ariel Municipality offer project participants the following: (please note, these benefits are in addition to the usual benefits provided to new olim.) 

  • A professional project coordinator who will accompany project participants in all aspects of their pre-aliyah and absorption.
  • Initial temporary housing for up to a month
  • Additional rental assistance is offered for a six-month period.
  • Assistance in finding suitable housing.
  • An additional 200 Ulpan hours will be offered to program participants, in addition to the regular 500 Ulpan hours.   
  • Employment Assistance Services
  • Assistance, workshops and personal guidance, (starting abroad) for private business initiatives.
  • Absorption and integration of scientists (new immigrants, post -doctorates and sabbaticals) in the University Center.
  • Additional assistance for Olim children within the school framework.
  • English -speaking and Israeli volunteer and host families to assist in the absorption process.
  • Social and cultural activities, which include lectures, trips, educational seminars and programs.
  • Subsidies for extra curricular activities per family member, and a family subsidy for pool membership
  • Special subsidies for kindergartens and after school frameworks


  • Families: Heads of the family, up to 55 years of age
  • Singles between 25-55 years of age
  • The program has the implicit right to accept or reject participants.

 Internal and External Aliyah

Mayor Ron Nachman refers to two forms of aliyah. The first, more apparent of the two, is Aliyah from abroad. The second, of no less significance, is Aliyah from within the land of Israel. Ariel is a paradigm of combining idealistic motivation with the conveniences of a practical Aliyah program. Both “pre” and “post” aliyah are welcome in Ariel.  

Come and Visit

Ariel recommends that you come and see for yourself. Group and individual pilot trips are welcome. Your local aliyah coordinator will tailor your visit to your personal interests and needs.  

Project Coordinator

For information about the Ariel Communal Aliyah Program and for other English-speaking aliyah services contact:Avi Zimmerman Tel: (03) 906-1673 or 0545 691217 Email:  


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