Singles Choose Ariel

Nefesh B’Nefesh got wind of the fact that quite a number of singles are hopping on the Ariel Aliyah bandwagon so they asked me to write a post for their new blog (I don’t know if its public yet). So, if I wrote it anyway – why not post it for our own readers here…

Making aliyah as a single isn’t easy. On top of all of the challenges that face any oleh, singles have to start a new life for themselves in the context of an array of basic uncertainties about life and their future. Community life, interpersonal relationships, professional development and “living the dream” are terms that take on new meaning when referring to singles that make aliyah. Through and through, every step of the way, singles have to face the challenges of aliyah on their own.

Finances are often a primary issue. Particularly in cases where a single prefers to live without roommates, the issue of housing affordability becomes paramount. Of course, in order to earn an income that pays the bills, no matter how affordable the neighborhood, people need to be in close proximity to their place of employment. It isn’t easy to find a city that’s both affordable and close to an array of employment centers.

When Nefesh B’Nefesh representatives visited Ariel they were very straight-forward: “Ariel is for singles” they said. Though the city has been attracting couples and families through its Community Aliyah Program, it turns out that many singles share the Nefesh B’Nefesh assessment of the situation. Whether through word of mouth, pilot trips or the internet, singles have begun to pursue Ariel as their aliyah destination. For some it’s the quiet atmosphere, for others it’s the beautiful views of the Shomron. Whatever the initial pull may be, it seems that the open and supportive community along with the presence of the city’s university campus with 10,000 students, provide the necessary human element so significant to the lifestyle of these singles.

In Ariel singles can be anonymous or gregarious, low-key or involved. If they want their space – they have it. If they want a community – it’s there. If they feel like hopping on a bus to meet people in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem – they can. The affordable housing, the proximity to major employment centers, the in-city services and the comfortable lifestyle make Ariel a convenient and comfortable option for singles who are ready to think a bit out of the box.

For more info on Ariel you can visit:
Ariel Aliyah Facebook group:
Ariel Aliyah Yahoo Group:
Ariel Aliyah Blog:
The City of Ariel’s English Site:

Or contact Avi Zimmerman, Ariel’s Community Aliyah Program coordinator:


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