The Ariel Development Fund

Ariel Development FundThe Ariel Aliyah program is blessed to have a couple of volunteers who are also involved in other community work throughout the city as well. Amongst them are Jerry and Sylvia Dortz, who are regular volunteers at the well-known Ariel Development Fund. Here’s the inside scoop about some of what the Ariel Development Fund does for the city:

We (jerry and Sylvia) interviewed Dina Shalit, the Executive Director of The Ariel Development Fund (ADF), who made aliyah from Montreal, Canada in 1983 with her husband and three children.  

The Ariel Development Fund serves multiple purposes for the city of Ariel. It is first and foremost the fund-raising arm of the City of Ariel, which makes the organization aware of community needs and humanitarian projects.  ADF then finds financial support for these projects from abroad.  The organization focuses a great deal on immigrant absorption programs since the population of Ariel is 54%   immigrants.

Ariel is a growing city of 18,000.  Along with its sister organization, American Friends of Ariel located in Florida, ADF has been very successful in its efforts.  That stems from the fact that since its inception the Fund has developed personal relationships with people who care about Israel and focus on the City of Ariel. 

The organization acts as a major force for the city.  ADF staff receive tour groups and private individuals and encourage and receive support from both Christian and Jewish Zionists.   The visitors enjoy performances by the senior citizens choir, youth and Russian dance and singing groups.   The tours include visits to educational institutions from pre-school to Ariel University including some very important projects at the Research and Development Center.   The groups also visit some of the cultural venues that have been so important in the development of the community life of our citizens and they also partake in vine planting in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.  Visitors also tour the IDF base adjacent to Ariel.  The Holocaust Museum, located in the center of Ariel, is another important stop for our guests.  On occasion they are taken on tours of the area including such important historical and Biblical sites as Shilo, Mt. Moriah, etc.

 The Ariel Development Fund works for the advancement and the well-being of the citizens of our beautiful, vibrant city.

 If you are coming to Israel on a tour, we would love to show you our beautiful city so ask your guide to arrange a visit to Ariel by contacting the office of The Ariel Development Fund at 03-936-4406.


I just wanted to add a little something of my own. Not everyone realizes the steps that have been taken to bring Ariel’s Anglo aliyah program as far as its come. It requires time, effort, coordination, motivation and – you guessed it -money. The ADF has been generous in each of those respects, including preparing and funding recruiting trips to America and Canada, absorption housing for new olim and various other expenses and needs that have arisen over time.

So when you meet Dina Shalit (and if you move here I’m sure you will) don’t forget to thank her for making Ariel, and Israel, a better place.


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