The System Works!!!

Contract  ArielAs many of our readers know, we recently opened a new “yahoogroup” discussion board (conveniently titled Ariel Aliyah The discussion group is just another way of helping our olim and Anglo “veteran” families receive up-to-date relevant information.

Mostly, I post things on the group and I have no idea what happens afterward. People aren’t so into follow-up. Sure – sometines people will respond to a post. Other times people will send a “thank you” or “I appreciate the posting”, but more often than not it’s hard to know how things work out. Yesterday, only a couple of weeks after we  started the group, I had the opportunity to get a real feel for how the system actually works.

A couple, who had seen one of the posts about an apartment for rent, followed up. We made an apointment for them to see the apartment in the evening. The couple asked me to come along to check out the place and make sure the deal went through smoothly. I showed up a few minutes before the tenant arrived to open the place, so the couple asked if I wouldn’t mind checking out another rental sign that they saw down the road in the meantime. I obliged.   

While I was walking  a few feet down the street 2 women started calling my name. This, you might imagine, is an unusual occurance – at least for me. To be quite honest, I was totally and completely confused, assuming that there was another Avi walking right next to me. When I didn’t notice any such person I reasoned that perhaps they were calling me.

I then recognized the women – one from my shul and the other whom I had met only a few weeks ago. They immediately explained: “we were just talking about you” (not that this was much of an explanation – I barely knew these people, had no idea that they even knew my name, and wasn’t quite sure how they recognized me fom down the street). “How did you know that I was looking for tutoring lessons?”

Okay – all I wanted to do was to check out another rental sign. I’m still trying to figure out if these people have me confused with someone else, but  the probablity that I myself am losing it became increaingly more likely.

After another  2 minutes of “explanations” I finally figured it out. I posted that a woman was looking for an english tutor on the yahoogroup (based on a post that I found on Ariel’s Hebrew site) earlier yesterday morning. As I was walking down the street these two women were emerging from an initial meeting where they agreed on a tutoring schedule between the the two of them – tutor and tutoree.

It was great – one family signing a contract, another woman getting a tutoring job and another keeping her job with the assistance of her new tutor. I actually felt the Divine hand motioning to me – “keep the posts coming. I’ll take it from there”.  


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