Facebook Challenges Israel

facebookI’m very hesitant to post this issue on our blog. We have a great thing going with the blog – we’re talking about Ariel and about Aliyah. That’s the way it should stay. I don’t want to go down the path of political debate.

Still, a number of people sent me links to an article in which I was quoted based on my Facebook activity. (Links:
http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/965296.html )
So, I felt the need to respond in some way.

1. My name is Avi, not Ari.
2. By quoting only a small part of my letter I was made to sound a bit “unreasonable”. Here’s the original letter:


I was surprised and disappointed to find that my home town of Ariel is listed in Facebook as being part of a country called “Palestine”. I am a citizen of Israel, as are all of the other residents of Ariel. We do not live in “Palestine”, nor does anyone else. Whilst there does exist an entity termed “The Palestinian Authority” they are not recognized by the international community as having sovereignty over a country.

I am willing to give Facebook the benefit of the doubt that they are not trying to forward any particular political agenda, and that they are merely acting on the basis of misinformation. True – I don’t believe that it behooves Facebook to act in such an irresponsible manner, but I understand that you’re willing to take that risk.

Regardless, I both request and recommend that you list Ariel as “Ariel, Israel”, and that you expediate that process. If for some reason that process takes more than a few moments’ time I would greatly appreciate it if at a bear minimum you would list “Ariel” alone, with no reference to a particular country (such a policy might make your apoltical agenda that much clearer in many regions of the world).

Looking forward to using your “social network”,
Avi Zimmerman

3. Antisemitism and anti-Israelism are the same, and they’re not new. It’s sad that we care what Facebook thinks about us. It shouldn’t really matter at all. All that matters is what we, The Jewish People, think and how we conduct ourselves. The more we act ourselves the more we will be respected.

Wishing all a Purim Sameach,
Avi Zimmerman


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