On Dreamers and Visionaries

Moriah building projectThis entry is a tribute to the men and women of Ariel Aliyah

It’s an amazing feeling – a high. Thinking out of the box, stretching the boundaries of reality beyond their known limits. Imagining a world thet much closer to the way we desire it to be…

The idea of building an Anglo community in Ariel is not a new one. Many have dreamt it up in the past. Some have even tried to think up practical ways to make it happen. And yet, there is a significant difference between the thinkers and the do-ers, between the dreamers and the visionaries.

 After all – what is the difference between a dreamer and a visionary? Both are thinking BIG, both look towards a greater good…

It seems that the difference is actually quite clear: dreamers dream. They’re in some sort of a slumber. They may never wake up. If they do wake up, they never expect to wake up to the reality of their dream. They don’t really expect their dream and reality to look the same.

Not so with the visionary. The visionary sees something concrete before his eyes – something real. He holds his head up high, he looks forward, and when he advances he makes sure that his direction and pace are all focused. His vision is his guiding light. He is determined to turn the vision into a reality.

Our Ariel Aliyah group continues to grow. The more it grows, the more visionaries we have joining. We just had a few of our visionaries attend a very important meeting with Ariel’s primary builder, Avi Ben-Ayun. Theses people weren’t entertaining the idea  of our Ariel Aliyah community materializing from thin air. They rolled up their sleeves, they came to Ariel and they spoke their piece. These visionaries tranformed their ideas into action. They guaranteed that their voices were going to affect the future of Ariel, the future of North American Aliyah and the future of Israel.   

I thank the men and women who attended that meeting for their presence of mind and body, for their efforts, and of course – for their vision.


1 Response to “On Dreamers and Visionaries”

  1. 1 josh January 17, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    What a ‘coincidence’. I just sat with someone who lives in Modiin and told me the story about the beginning of the Brochman neighbourhood.

    Correct me if the story is wrong, but it seems that some ‘visionary’ decided to buy a bit of land, run to the States to advertise the project, and succeeded in getting 5-6 families to invest. Once he had that core, the word spread and the rest is history; Hundreds of units, heavy anglo population, prestigious units as well, and now a neighbourhood that is among other things, priced out of the budget of many families.

    On one hand, from the situation we have now, until we get to the status of Brochman or Mitzpe Nevo, there’s a long way and many hurdles as well. On the other hand, and I’m aware of the dynamics of supply and demand, I hope it does not get there too fast with regard to pricing. While I am a new home owner, and it is usually the interest of the home owner that the value of the home rises, I really don’t want that to happen. I like that the prices in Ariel are cheaper than everywhere else similar in make-up, and I like the low profile that permits this to continue and allow young couples to own a home without having/needing to expect a handout from parents or bubbies and zeides. And on top of that, it allows many couples who have little resources to get their foot in the door and start owning an apt earlier rather than renting for long time.

    But Economics 101 does say that only when price rise do more suppliers (builders) enter the market. Right now, only Ben-Ayun is building, or rather only Avi and Yankele Nimrodi (partners) are the visionaries believing in Ariel. FWIW, our buildings are virtually problem free. Some apartments have an exceptional issue, some (like ours) have not.

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