The Inspiration of Simplicity

aliyah shoppingI won’t mention names. I won’t mention when. Not only to avoid disclosing the identity of the Inspiring Olah, but also because it doesn’t really matter when she came to Ariel, who she spoke to or what her age may be. All that matters is what lies at the core of her desire to make aliyah.

Upon discussing the practical considerations and challenges involved in making aliyah, the Inspiring Olah made her plans perfectly clear. She spoke not of the size of her dream-home, nor of the size of her paycheck. She did not make reference to “standard of living”, “keeping up with the Cohen’s” or “comfortable lifestyle”. What she said was far more simple, far more inspiring: “We want to live in Israel, in a situation where we can buy groceries for the children”. She went a bit further, explaining the basis for such a proposition: “I believe that all Jews belong in Israel”. Simple, and straight to the point.

Many of us tend to theorize. Many of us tend to dream. Our prospects of life in general and life in Israel in particular are often romanticized by our healthy imaginations. And yet, if we take a step back for a moment, if we challenge ourselves a bit, we should be wondering if our imaginations should be leading us down the path to aliyah. Is that the sort of thinking that will make our aliyah a success? Is that the sort of approach that will make our lives more meaningful?

More and more I’ve been meeting people, Jews, who are not looking for a high standard of material circumstance here in Israel. All they want is to make aliyah successfully, to put food on the table, to have a supportive community, and to live life in the Land and with the People that they were meant to be a part of.

There is no greater service, no greater call, than the responsibility to create such opportunities for Jews who wish to Return Home. Affordable housing, healthy community life, employment options and a positive world view are each necessary components in developing an environment conducive to aliyah absorption. These are the qualities to be sought by new olim in their search for an appropriate community. In turn, olim who seek such qualities should be sought by the communities which offer them.    


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