A Bit About Books


Read all about it at Ariel’s Municipal Library. Whatever your topic, interest, or reading desire you will find it right here in Ariel’s library, located in the Matnas (Community Center).The library, which has 60,000 books, houses a unique collection of reading material for all ages in both Hebrew and English, rich in culture and just plain reading enjoyment. Books range from biblical history through up-to-date volumes.The library also has about 18 computers for your needs. There are large tables where you can avail yourself of your personal research in a comfortable setting. There is a large children’s section with books in both English and Hebrew. This allows the whole family to visit the library because it fills everyone’s reading and research needs both adult and children. The upper floor of the library contains educational material including encyclopedias, etc. for student’s research.Fees for a year’s membership per person are NIS 70 to take out 2 books at a time, NIS 80 to take out 3 books at a time and a family membership of NIS 120 per year. Hours are 10-12 in the morning and 5-8 in the evening Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. The library has an experienced staff to help you search for your desired reading material(Of course – new olim can let us know if they’re interested so that we can arrange a membership discount – contact Avi at arielaliyah@gmail.com)


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