Cost effective aliyah

In shekels NIS6,330 per year which equals $1,582 per year.  What do these figures stand for?  Read on and you will be amazed.

When we made aliyah in 1995 from the US we were in our mid-60s and retired.  We immediately enrolled in one of the 4 health clinics located in Ariel.   Compared to what people in the US pay for health coverage, we were pleasantly amazed at how little our coverage cost. Our clinic has various levels of coverage and we chose their top plan. You can select a less expensive plan with fewer benefits depending on the state of your health.  Our medical situation was certainly not ideal. As an example we were beset with diabetes and a cardio vascular situation.  It is important to us to share our medical situation so that you can understand that in spite of how little our plan costs us, we receive the very best in medical care. To add to this picture, we both underwent major surgery at no additional cost to us.  When we speak to friends and family in the US they tell us how the cost of a decent medical plan has skyrocketed through the roof.  Aside from all of this, we would also like to let you know how inexpensive medication is in Israel compared to the US.  As an example, a pill that we take because of high cholesterol that cost $99 for a months supply (30 pills) in the US, costs NIS40 which in dollars would be about $10.  We have heard that the cost of medication is so high, that people in the US who live reasonably close to the Canadian border, cross that border into Canada to buy their medication where the cost is much less, making the trip worthwhile.  Please compare the cost of our health coverage to what you pay in the USA.   If you feel you need further information please contact Jerry & Sylvia Dortz at and we will try to answer your questions.  


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