Getting Ready for Succot

What didn’t exist in Ariel only a few short years ago exists today. The preparations for Succot are prevalent wherever you turn. 

For some time there have been stands where one can purchase the four species, but now people are taking orders in advance, selling at key locations (shuls, the yeshiva) and sending out emails to expand their market.

Building succot – that’s certainly come a long way. There are a few locations in the city for purchasing succot here in Ariel, including the “Yishag” judaica store. What’s great to watch is the new housing developments in Ariel, dotted with new succot aside many a home. The holiday spirit is infectious.

Beyond the religious overtones of the holiday, the city is preparing for its first annual “Health Festival” to be held on Monday of Chol Hamoed Succot. A new park and a new walking track will be dedicated and there will be activities for adults and children throughout the day.

Alot is happenning now, and even more will be happenning on Succot.

Chag Sameach!



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