‘My belief’

In Israel, many times a new coordinator taking the helm first comes clean and declares his ‘ani ma’amin’ – my belief – so that’s how I’ll start my first post on our community blog.

I believe that Ariel is a great place to live. In 1999, and having never been here before, my wife and I moved to Ariel for what we thought would be a single year to finish studies at the local college. We quickly realized what a gem the city was and decided to stay. In July 2005, we bought a new apartment being built and in January 2007, we moved in to our new home.

I believe that the climate in Ariel is awesome. Usually cooler and less humid than the rest of central Israel, it is great to stay in the city all day long, and even better to come home at the end of a day of work.

I believe that olim will find it a convenient location to start their aliyah with a variety of affordable housing and close to the jobs of the ‘Gush Dan’ and Sharon hubs of the Israel economy.

I believe that Ariel is a nice place to bring up kids. While technically Ariel is a city providing all the services of a much larger locality, it feels much more like a rural town where children and youth can walk the streets safely at all times. The cost of quality and loving home care for babies and toddlers is lower than most other places and the public nurseries/kindergartens are subsidized making for a nice cushion for families with multiple young children. I’m also told that the local elementary schools have impressive reputations (my kids still have a couple of years to go before the first grade).

I believe that people who want to make a contribution to Israeli society have many options to choose from in Ariel. While many organizations are already operating, there is still a lot of volunteer work needed, as well as even the opportunity to start new ventures. It’s incredible how even newcomers can be influential by showing a will to help out.

I believe that the time has come for more people to learn about the option to move to Ariel.



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