Israeli FlagIn 1987, we spent the month of August vacationing in Jerusalem. It was during that vacation that we decided to move to Israel. Returning to New York we realized that we were not in a financial position to make aliyah at that time. Eight long years later in 1995 we retired on a modest income and that allowed us to immediately get in touch with the Jewish Agency and begin processing for aliyah. At that time we were in our mid-60’s. Our dream of living in Israel was beginning to take shape. We were so anxious to make Israel our new home that although our aliyah flight was scheduled for Sunday, November 13 th at 6 in the evening, we arrived at the airport at 7 in the morning. Upon entering the El Al terminal, we were immediately surrounded by security personnel inquiring as to why we were there at that hour since there were no flights scheduled until the late afternoon. We explained to them that although our flight was scheduled for 6 PM (as our tickets indicated), we just had to get out and feel that we were finally on our way. The security personnel were great. They understood and gave us a kol hakovod. They took our luggage and secured it for us and pointed us in the direction of a building where we could get some breakfast. As departure time came closer and closer, excitement began to well up in us. As our plane began to climb higher and higher, out of our window the USA began to look smaller and smaller. We never looked back. Even to this day.

Sylvia & Jerry


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