A new beginning…

This is a new beginning. Beginnings are always new, I guess. Still – this beginning is a new kind of beginning. We’re embarking on a journey – we know exactly where we’re headed, yet we have no idea how far our destination will take us.

 It’s really quite simple. The time has come for North Americans (that is Americans and Canadians, for those of us from New York) to make the move to Ariel. The city is well equipped for absorbing North American aliyah and is anticipating the arrival of its newest members. That’s the destination – successgul North American aliyah to Ariel.

And yet, and yet – the destination is only the beginning. Aliyah to Ariel is far more than a comfortable, practical and successful approach to life in Israel. Aliyah to Ariel is continuing the 30 year tradition of making new things happen in this city and in the Jewish Homeland as a whole. [I know – a bit of a parodox – tradtion and new things. Bear with me – I’m getting to the punchline…]

Ariel is the seat of ideaology galvanized into reality. From any perspective of Israeli and Jewish idealism, Ariel is where things happen: political, social and religious spheres have all been thoroughly enhanced by the city and by its residents. 

The purpose of this initial entry is not to explore the details of the city nor the merits of its members. The purpose is simply to point out that North American aliyah to Ariel will benefit a series of communities: the community of olim (obviously), their local communities, the whole of Ariel, the whole of Israel and hopefully the rest of the world.

How so?

Keep updated on the blog.

Yours Truly,



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